Everything that we use on a daily basis should be cleaned once in awhile. Just like how we wash the clothes that we wear or the kitchen utensils we use for cooking and eating, carpets and other related upholstered home furniture should be kept clean and hygienic. The soil and grit that is accumulated by the carpet in our houses are the major reasons why its fabric life is relatively short. Furthermore, soil and grit also yields harmful mites as well as bacteria and get them to work when we forget to check them regularly. The money that we’ll have to spend on cleaning our carpets is comparatively low rather than the replacement cost of these furnishings. Thus, cleaning makes more sense in an economic aspect more than buying a new one.

While most of us think that what we see is what we get especially in the case of soil and grit on carpets, little do we know that there are still a lot of contaminants found beneath the ‘core’ of our carpets. That is, what our naked eye could see is just a tip of the iceberg. In fact, eighty-five percent of the total amount of dirt in carpets are found buried within the pile. What’s more alarming is that a carpet can hold a staggering 150 lbs of dirt and that’s just for a regular-sized living room. Just imagine what amount of dirt a relatively bigger carpet could hold!

Maintaining the carpets clean can improve the holistic appearance of our living rooms let alone our house as well as prolonging its salvage life, but perhaps the most important reason why we should maintain these things clean is to improve you and your family’s health. According to the American Lung Association, if there is at least one member of the family who suffers from breathing conditions such as asthma or snoring, one of the main reasons why he or she suffers from these is because of dirty carpets and other unclean upholstery furniture. This makes cleaning carpets and other furniture crucial in home care. You’d have to do this for at least three times a week. Further than doing a daily vacuuming, asking the services of professional carpet cleaners for at least once a year could be very beneficial. If you haven’t been convinced with the importance of professional carpet cleaning, here are two reasons why professional carpet cleaning is important in maintaining a clean and healthier home.

  1. Professional Carpet Cleaning eradicate dangerous pollutants

The Environmental Protection Agency, an institute that specializes on the innovations to maintain the environment clean and hygienic, is eager to inform households that dirty carpets are one of the sources of a number of indoor air pollutants such as cockroach allergens, particle pollution, lead, pet dander as well as everyday dirt and grit. There are also a lot of toxic airborne gases that sticks to these pollutants’ particles and could also get trapped beneath the carpet. These trapped toxic gases could be released in your homes’ open spaces when it is vacuumed everyday as well as other daily home activities such as walking across the carpet, that then cause the contamination of your air at home.

Professional carpet cleaning services has a specialized solution these problems. Most of these service providers have special shampooing formula that necessarily kills the bacteria found beneath the carpets dead. Thus, the bacteria found within the carpets can’t further hurt you or your family. Moreover, these service providers have their own machineries such as high-powered vacuums that could remove deeply rooted pollutants trapped between the deep corners of the carpets you own.


  1. Professional Carpet Cleaning can eliminate infestations of dust mite

Dust mites are those microscopic organisms that are main cause of some allergic reactions on the skin as well as other breathing conditions. Most homes have dust mites within the vicinity of their houses yet because it’s microscopic; nobody seems to care at all whether or not it is there. However, it is important to know that dust mites aren’t the allergens itself, but the feces and body fragments that these microorganisms leave behind are. Since these organisms are inherently microscopic, they can easily be inhaled by the people around your house especially when the area is disturbed, which then exacerbate allergies and allergic reactions.

Most professional carpet cleaning services have techniques in solving this alarming problem. One of which is popularly called as steam cleaning. This process of cleaning is done while doing the carpet maintenance work. That is, service providers expose your carpets to high temperature that dust can’t be survived by dust mites. Thus, when there are no dust mites, the chances of it leaving behind feces and body fragments will dramatically lessen which in turn makes allergies and allergic reactions experienced by you or your family members strategically decrease.